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The Key To Success For Any Brand (Personal or Business) is to Consistently Create Content.  
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You will be provided with the physical space to create at The Legacy Center (Classroom, Warehouse, Media Room, Offices, etc)
You will have other influencers, actors and content creators  available to collaborate with


Eugene Bush, III is the Founder of E-Tre Productions.  Successful video production company that was founded in Chicago in 2010 and expanded to Atlanta in 2018.  Over this time Eugene has produced videos, from concept to completion, in more than 30 cities and in 3 countries.  The type of videos range from feature films to short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, live events, pilots, web series’, reels, and comedy sketches.
2020, Eugene decided to take his own content more serious and has gone viral several times including the video pictured where Actor/Producer Jordan Peele retweeted his video with a simple "Yo"!  
E-Tre now produces content for multiple 1M+ social media influencers and is committed to showing other content creators how to effectively use social media to elevate their own brand. 


Ernestine Johnson Morrison is a compelling actress and an electrifying, energetically bold poet. Starting
her acting career in Hollywood, California Ernestine began as a featured extra on major WB network
shows. She hit the Big Screen for the first time in Think Like a Man Too starring Kevin Hart. Her recent
T.V credits include Queen Sugar and Ambitions on the OWN network, Shots Fired and 24 Legacy on the
FOX network and Broad City on Comedy Central. Ernestine is also infamous in the spoken word world for
being uncensored, raw and untamed on the mic speaking on social issues and being a voice for women.
Her original spoken word piece “Average Black Girl” performed live on The Arsenio Hall Show, broke the
internet with over 40 million views.  Aside from her flourishing entertainment career, Ernestine is also an advocate for
entrepreneurship, serving as the co- founder of The Legacy Center and CEO of Green Lit ATL. 


Maggie B. is a writer and actress with years of experience in content creation. Her first short film "Jaded" was distributed on "Short's Television," in 2015. Maggie spent years creating content, blogs, and copy for dozens of clients. She has written 8 short films for Screening Room ATL, wrote her first web series, Mixed Emotions Vol. 1 in 2017, and is the head writer for E-Tre Productions, who has recently filmed Mixed Emotions Vol. 2 in 2020. She also wrote a thriller, Mediator, which is currently in pre-production. Maggie is an actress represented by Gill Talent Group in Atlanta, Georgia and is also working on a children's book series. She is a woman of many talents and loves to be in the arts as a content creator.
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